When exness mothers talk about my programs, they say:

“Our 4 year old son just finished a week-long music course. He had a fantastic time and we couldn’t be happier with the teacher and the methodology. I learned a bit myself in those 5 days and I know I’ll be able to connect with our son musically in a more meaningful way. I wish every child could spend some time with Ekanem!” – Debra E., Houston TX

“My daughter, who is 4 years old, was singing the songs over and over yesterday at exness register home.” –Erin, mother

“Our goal was to prepare our son for an audition with Houston Boy Choir – in a way that he would continue to enjoy singing. He loved the lessons. He was always so calm, happy and proud afterward. He told us that the teacher really made him feel special. He passed the audition to Houston Boy Choir and we had positive feedback from the audition. We can thoroughly recommend Ekanem Ebinne as a highly professional and dedicated music teacher for anyone wanting to do this course. ” Patrick And Malena F., Houston, TX