Our Guiding Lights

“Sound before symbol.”
- Edwin E. Gordon, PhD

“Music begins inside human beings, and so must any instruction. Not exness demo account at the instrument, not with the first finger, nor with the first position, not with this or that chord. The starting point is one’s own stillness, listening to oneself, the ‘being ready for music,’ listening to one’s own heart-beat and breathing.”
– Carl Orff

About Ekanem

Ekanem Ebinne, Musical Child Mentor

If you’re looking for a proven musical mentor to show you how to help your kid

  • Discover his true creative voice
  • Freely compose, read, sing, play, and excel at music 
  • Gain perfect intonation and perfect rhythmic accuracy

then you’ve come to the right place!

Mother in Tune is online music learning for homeschool preschool kids and moms. Much https://exness.net.in/demo-account more than musical ear training, it’s a socio-emotional learning adventure.  You and your kids will have fun with our interactive videos. Just 15 minutes per week moving, singing, and rapping. From there, the sky’s the limit!

In 2005, I committed to guide homeschool moms who treasure their young kids’ musical gift and who dream they will contribute to cherished traditions, to help their kids connect with the flow of music, feel the inner light of music shining from them, and hear their inner music ring true with the outside world.

Since then I’ve helped such amazing moms in Texas and California to achieve remarkable success with their kids.

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