Free eBook: 10 Tricks to Teach Preschool Pianists Rhythm

Littlest10FAQNiceCover2Teacher, do your littlest students need to get some rhythm of their own? So you don’t have to
fiddle with counting out loud, metronomes, and who knows what else to get them on the beat? If you’re tired of random breaks, slowing and speeding up, and general metric madness with your kids under 5, try this. They’ll get the beat soon, and you’ll both be smiling. Just enter your email below.

In this guide you’ll discover:
• Which of the exness demo account types of rhythm failure your student has Easy movement and singing exercises to maximize his rhythmic accuracy • How using the tips and audio samples will make his special gift shine brightly and keep him motivated to become a brilliant pianist for many years to come. You can use it any day. Enjoy! You and your students deserve it.     One Teacher’s Review: 5_stars I was interested in learning new songs and approaches for my younger students. Before this, I had tried and failed to find songs for little ones that would encourage them to play. I repeated the songs and the movements the teacher gave. I would highly recommend this because I learned a lot  that I can apply during my piano classes. — Zulfia F., Houston, TX